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Discussion Framework

Change Perspectives. Change Outcomes.

“We can’t fix a problem with the same perspective that created it!”


W.A.I.T. What Am I Thinking? is a support system to stimulate discussion around the idea that every action has a consequence, either good or bad. How does that consequence affect our future outcomes? How does it affect others around us? Our friendships? We can train our brain to capture those negative thoughts and change our internal program to create the future we desire.

We apply some of the top social emotional learning topics to prevention science and show how to teach them in a simple way that everyone can understand. This system combines neuroscience, mindfulness, self regulation, substance misuse, trauma informed care  into a non threatening, conversational format.

The W.A.I.T. Support System includes discussion books, journals, videos, discussion cards and other facilitation items. It was designed to go along with any curriculum or program, especially substance use and mental health.


As a pilot, teachers taught the lessons once a week and continued to spiral and practice the skills on a daily basis. Students were able to use the terminology, Wait, What Am I Thinking? Staff began to have a common language to use with our students. Videos reinforced each lesson and the journal was a way for students to reflect upon each skill taught and refer back to its teachings. Our discipline data, mediation data and teacher responses were overwhelmingly positive.

 - Assistant Principal, 6th Grade Academy 

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