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The W.A.I.T. support system is a multidisciplinary approach to the cognitive behavioral model which draws on research in neuroscience, psychology, and education fields to address influences of trauma in children. 

Research demonstrates how trauma affects children’s development and behavior. Only recently have the long-term health consequences of trauma been reviewed and mapped as more scientific attention is paid to factor analysis between stress, the individual’s sense of self, and individual performance within family-community institutions as a result of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). 

Drawing elements from cognitive behavioral therapy for non-clinical practitioners and non-clinical settings, W.A.I.T. can be used by itself or in combination with other evidence-based practice. 

As a pilot, teachers taught the lessons once a week and continued to spiral and practice the skills on a daily basis. Students were able to use the terminology,  Wait, What Am I Thinking? Staff began to have a common language to use with our students. Videos reinforced each lesson and the journal was a way for students to reflect upon each skill taught and refer back to its teachings. Our discipline data, mediation data and teacher responses were overwhelmingly positive.



 - Assistant Principal, 6th Grade Academy 

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